vitaminreiche Handarbeit

unauffällige Rückansicht

Ha! Obstsalat is watching you.


3 responses to “vitaminreiche Handarbeit”

  1. Oh my, one of the cherries even wears sunglasses along with a wide grin. Awesome.

    Strawberry looks like it has has just been caught doing some mischief, and is attempting the “who me?” look to get out of it.

    Carrot just looks on with a beatific gaze.

  2. I can’t read my posted comments! Why is the font white? That wasn’t how it was before…?

  3. I fixed it — I’d played with the layout and removed some grey without remembering to change the font color. It should be fine now!
    And you really read crochet fruit like open books! 😉

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