Lustiges Filmeraten

Welcher amerikanische Film wird hier auf einer asiatischen DVD-Hülle eloquent zusammengefaßt?

The gram of is a from Slovenia to the visitor of New York, his motherland break out the coup, the passport also became the 1 piece wastepaper, he must the infinite period be detained in the machine floor of the willing to the airport of .Airport official the fee gram thinks that the gram of many passports problem is a bureaucracy to result in of, but he still continue to make trouble more to the gram of. All employees in airport needs the gram of many such as family, he still found out the work people carry out every kind of procedure.More wonderful is, he loved each other with beautiful stewardess The gram of that experience the all these much discovers the hour of airport will be absurd, generous, ambition, happiness, accidental good luck, even is to join together the love to together complicated world…


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